Shuffle is your complete staff management solution, It is affordable, easy-to-use, reliable, efficient, and extremely powerful.

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Easy on the eyes, easy on the mind, easy on the fingers.


Introducing Shuffle

Shuffle takes a refreshing new approach to the task of managing staff, rosters and costs. Build your flexible business rules (eg. award payments, leave and availability), create your plan, then manage your day-to-day activities. Shuffle is built around the concept that a roster is planned in advance, then adjustments are overlayed to suit daily changes. The plan acts as a base-line as changes occur, keeping your staff plan in place while your current roster evolves. Easily manage changes to award agreements and leave arrangements with our built-in plain-english rules system. A fresh approach results in a system that is easy to manage, easy to modify and easy to understand.

Easy on the eyes, easy on the mind, easy on the fingers.

Shuffle reduces complex tasks to just a few mouse clicks. Tasks that previously required a lot of thought are now handled automatically. Powerful rules will deal with many of the mundane day-to-day requirements. Learn more.


Fully featured and fully functional.

From planning your roster to managing your costs, Shuffle does it all. Import and export, planning and reports, occupational health and safety, awards and availability. There is so much more than meets the eye. Learn more.